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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Good controller

    I use one of these to control 4x120mm fans that I use to cool my 'server closet' where I keep my modem, router and switches for my whole house gigabit network. I also put the PC that functions as our IP camera (security system) server in this closet. I either had to decide to keep the closet door open or provide some sort of thermostatically controlled cooling system because the temps would routinely top 95F with all of the electronics running. Machine temps are affected by the ambient temps and my PC was running hot, not to mention the closet. So I bought this controller, 4 fans and the matching power supply and now the ambient temps hover around 84F with the closet door closed. The unit works great and is easy to program, with the last unit performing for around 6 years before it died. Shipping was reasonable and very fast. If the CoolerGuys don't have what you need, you probably don't really need it.

    Fan controller

    This was a replacement - the first unit was defective but the replacement (this order) was sent without hesitation and is perfect! It's everything I was looking for to manage temps in a small, wall-mount 9U IT rack/cabinet - Thanks!

    Great service

    Very good customer service to help figure out exactly what I need.

    Good product and good service.

    Does the job, with a design flaw

    Programmable Thermal Fan Controller with LED Display - does the job for so long (a couple of years) before the LEDs start to give out. This doesn't affect the function of the controller over the fans, but for aesthetic purposes, with the numbers not appearing properly, one either has to live with it, or replace it. As a company, CoolerGuys are fantastic. The first time the item failed it was under warranty, which THEY caught when I placed the order for a replacement (they sent a new one canceling my purchase). They don't make the items, but they do offer excellent customer service!

    Hi Michael! We did have a batch of controllers with a display flaw ship out unbeknownst to us a few years back. As you mentioned, we have and will always replace units with any defective parts--sorry you had to experience this. We fixed this problem by using 5v power for our displays so they would not burn out. Thank you for the compliments on our service and for taking the time to review.
    Excellent Fan Control for Home Theater Cabinets

    Cant recommend this programmable fan controller enough. You can set your own start/stop temperature. Current temp is displayed on its screen. Glad to have the option to turn that off the screen is bright and I dont need to know the temp every second of the day. ;-) The long probe is nice because you can get to place the sensor where the most heat is generated. I chose this controller over another companys because it simply turns the fans on and off based on temperature. The other one can step the fan speed up and down too. However, I heard the fans winding up/down to adjust to the new speed. I also like that if my cat destroys the sensor wire, I can easily replace it.

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