Coolerguys "Cabcool 1201" Single 120mm Base Kit (w/ option choice)

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CabCool1201 Single 120mm Kits, your choice of bracket, fan and power / control type. (Use the drop down choices above to build your desired features)

This is our best selling size of cooling kit, 120mm refers to the fan size edge to edge, they are 25mm deep.
The actual bracket size depends on which type you select.

We have sold thousands of these kits over the past 5 years and received great customer reviews & feedback.
This unit can be used in a variety of places from cabinets or closets to RVs or even boats.
The main idea with these kits is to slowly move the air from a location where heat is accumulating to help maintain a temperature that is safe for your equipment.
Depending on your needs we offer pre-set thermal controllers that are plug and play, LED display controllers that are programmable so you can monitor how the fans are performing and control when they power on/off. If you want something less extravagant we have a standard manual controller as well as USB versions that will power with the device that is home to the USB port, the ultimate in ease, truly plug and play.

All of our kits come with our own brand of extremely quiet fans that we have specially designed to work with our power supplies, controllers and cables. We have made them so you don't have to worry about manually controlling them or messing with a speed controller.
Also all of our fans are dual ball bearing, despite claims made by other manufacturers regarding their own bearing or fan technology dual ball bearing is the defacto standard as the most reliable on the market, in 30C environments they are expected to last 50,000hours which is ~5.7 years of 24/7 use.
Please be aware that the hotter their environment the lower their life however we will still guarantee all of our fans for 3 years, if they happen to fail in that time we will replace them free of charge.

Easy to Install:
This is a do it yourself kit (we do offer them pre-assembled for a small fee, see below) but it is not very difficult.
We include nuts, bolts, screws and anything else needed to fully assemble them as well as attach them to wherever you are installing it, we also include cable ties to help you manage the placement of wiring.


The thing which takes the most time and effort is cutting a hole for the assembled kit however with the proper tools and measurement it is not all that difficult, we give the cutout dimensions for all of our kits online as well as on the included instructions.
Below we have included a general instruction worksheet and a quick video to give you a feeling of how they are assembled and installed.
If have have additional questions feel free to contact us using the link at the top of our site.

We have set up all of our kit pages with drop down menus so you can order only what you need. The first menu is where you choose your bracket type. A description and picture of each type is below. Then from the second menu choose your power supply and controller type. These are matched up so as to give you the choice of ordering a simple kit with just the fan all the way up to our programmable LED thermal controller. The additional costs are listed in the drop down menu and will show up in real time above the add to cart button.

Choices for your Kit

Bracket Type: (use drop down menu above)
The bracket is what the fans will attach to and will be the most visible piece. If looks are no matter and/or it's in an area that won't be seen you can save money and go with our standard matte black acrylic bracket.
If you want something to match your cabinet or equipment for a small upgrade charge you can get a medium glass finish black metal or Oak wood bracket (when lightly sanded it can take a stain or be painted)

1. Acrylic (6.25" x 6.25" x .125")
This is a Black Acrylic bracket that has a slightly textured finish on one side and smooth on the other. precision laser cut, our cheapest option but still high quality and our all time best seller.

2. Metal (6.25" x 6.25" x .125")
The Metal bracket has a medium gloss black finish. It is made of strong yet light and thin cut steel and painted to match most black electronic equipment.

3. Wood (7.06" x 7.06" x .125")
This imported oak wood bracket has a light clear coat finish to protect against moisture and warping. It can be sanded and stained or painted to match your application or just use it as is.


Power Supply and Controller Type: (use drop down menu above)

1. No Power Supply (Bracket & Grills only)
(1) Bracket type chosen above
(1) 120mm Black Wire Grill
(1) *120mm Honeycomb Black Grill

2. No Power Supply (Fan, Bracket & Grills only)
(1) Bracket type chosen above
(1) 120mm 12v 3pin Coolerguys Ultra Quiet Fan (click for specs)
(1) 120mm Black Wire Grill
(1)*120mm Honeycomb Black Grill

3. USB Powered Fan (No Power Supply)
(1) Bracket type chosen above
(1) 120mm USB Powered Coolerguys Ultra Quiet Fan (click for specs)
(1) 120mm Black Wire Grill
(1) *120mm Honeycomb Black Grill
This fan has a plug that is powered through a standard USB port. Not all USB ports are powered so you might want to check before hand to make sure yours is. Not compatible with any of our thermal controllers

4. Power Supply & Manual Controller
This option comes with just the fan, bracket & grills as the first "No Power Supply" option above plus our 4pin input to dual 3pin output variable speed controller, this lets you adjust the fan from off to full 12v power and anywhere in between depending on where you position the knob on the controller, please note the fans requires at least 5v to start up.
(1) Coolerguys 110v AC to 12v / 5v DC Power Supply with 4 Pin Molex
(1) Manual 4pin to Dual 3pin 12V DC Variable Speed controller

5. Power Supply & Pre-Set Thermal Controller
This kit comes with our standard 2A power supply and our pre-set thermal controller, fans plugged into this (can handle 2 fans natively, up to 4 with the appropriate splitters) will turn on when the temperature probe detects the temperature is @ or above 86.6°F (30°C) and will keep them powered until it goes below 80°F (27°C)
(1) Coolerguys 110v AC to 12v / 5v DC Power Supply with 4 Pin Molex
(1) Coolerguys 12v / 5v DC Thermal Controller with (4) 3pin ports

6. Power Supply & Programmable Thermal Controller with LED Display
This kit comes with our standard 2A power supply and our programmable thermal controller, fans plugged into this (4 native ports) will turn on and off based on the temperatures you program into it, it has a scale of 32°F (0°C) to 181°F (83C) please be aware the off temperature cannot be any closer than 2 away from the start up, this is to keep the fans from cycling on and off over and over.
It also shows in real time the detected temperature, allows you to have the display in Fahrenheit or Celsius as well as lets you turn off the display if you don't need it always active (will still control the fans when display is off)
For more information and instructions simply click the link to the controller below
(1) Coolerguys 110v AC to 12v / 5v DC Power Supply with 4 Pin Molex
(1) Coolerguys 12v / 5v DC Thermal Controller with (2) 3pin ports


General Instructions for CabCool Cabinet Cooler Kits (574 kb pdf)

Additional Pictures of Install (500 kb pdf)

Fan Specs may very slightly depending on availability

***please read*** Additional information for fan selection and temp monitors

Probes only have external sensor only. We are continually updating this product and may make minor adjustments to improve performance.
Honeycomb grills are
not necessary or included with wood bracket


All Coolerguys Cooling Solution Kits are covered by limited warranty

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