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    Fan Adapters

    Fan Adapters

    Our fan adapters span a broad range of solutions, showing how various technologies are useful for A/V and computer hardware temperature control. When you shop at Coolerguys, you have a wide array of choices, including:

    • Fan speed adapters for controlling fan speed and/or reducing noise
    • Flexible tubing for delivering blown air throughout cabinets and closets
    • Fan mount stands for mounting fans in various positions
    • Power hubs for supporting high-power cooling systems
    • Fan funnels for increasing airflow

    Adapting quiet fans sometimes requires aftermarket fan adapter parts. We offer components that will allow you to adapt larger fans into your computer of electronic component; with this upgrade you can increase airflow and reduce noise. More airflow will give more cooling which will help prolong the life of your electronic equipment.

    In addition to adapters, we have a huge selection of fans you can combine with adapters to create the airflow you need with quieter operation.

    Get Your Equipment

    Fan adapters make small changes to fans that have a big impact on hardware temperature, and noise control. Get the adapters you need by ordering from our website, or call us at 425-821-6400. We can help and we stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!