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    Based on 1942 reviews
    Camper cooling perfection

    Used to help air move through the outside fridge vent to help keep the inside cooler. 2020 jayco 28bhs, fit inside the upper part of the roof vent perfectly. Spent a little more than a kit you can find on ebay or amazon, but wanted quality parts and the people at coolerguys were extremely helpful. Would recommend


    excellent product and great price I have several of them and will buy more. they are very easy to use and can be used for a wide range of cooling needs

    Lot smaller then I thought it would be, but I guess I should have paid more attention to the size description. Im not sure if will work for what we need. Doesn't store power so only works in direct sunlight.

    140 mm filter

    Fit the location on the bottom of the 200R case just fine and covered ventilation holes as needed. One filter outside on bottom, one inside making for double dust exclusion protection while still allowing air flow.

    Great customer service and product!


    Two thumbs up!

    Only Cooler Guys had the exact fan I was looking for: ultra efficient and ultra quiet. And they shipped it fast! Two thumbs up!

    Great product

    Works as it should and very quiet.


    Product was right, delivery was on time and very quick. Would buy again form this Company.

    love it

    highly recommened.

    Pre-set Thermostat Controller

    Works as advertised. Nice that I can hook up (4) fans if necessary.

    3U Rackmount Bracket with 120mm Fan Grills

    The bracket was very well made. The only thing I could suggest is to provide another break on the other side (top) of the bracket to make the span a little more solid. It would reduce the possibility of vibration. Otherwise, a very good product.

    Great as a portable camping cooler/drier!

    I use these for creating airflow in a tent as well as for drying out the inside of my boots. They require little energy, are quiet and circulate a lot of air for their size.


    Works as advertised!

    Works OK...noisy!

    The fans arrived OK and installed without a hitch. They are quite a bit noisier than the fans that were replaced. Sounds faster than other fans. Is a quieter or slower version of this fan available?

    Great item

    Exactly what I ordered and expected will purchase several more for my family and at affordable prices definitely worth buying would also recommend this item to everyone because they are perfect to have at anytime can definitely be a life saver don’t pass this offer up to purchase a couple will truly be thankful!!

    Just what I needed!

    I hung one on each end of my a/v rack to try & keep my tube amps & tube preamp cooler. They worked out great. You can hardly hear them & not at all while the music is playing. thanks so much.

    The Cooler Guys Molex Extension Cables are of Great Quality . . .

    The Cooler Guys Molex Extension Cables are of Great Quality. They are a mundane product, but the Cooler Guys make these cables with the best Black Sleeved appearance, fit and function. I highly recommend their Molex Extension Cables to anyone. Polish off your build with some of the Cooler Guys solid products. You will be impressed with both their Quality and their Fast Delivery.

    Excellent problem resolution

    I recently ordered a fan kit from Coolerguys and part of the kit was missing. After reaching out to their sales department, they promptly corrected the error.
    I find their staff, their product and the company excellent! I would gladly reccomend the Cooler Guys to anyone seeking quality products and excellent customer service.

    Just what I ordered but.. took nearly 2 weeks to arrive because my only shipping option was USPS which competes with the average speed of a three-toed sloth hopped up on Red Bulls & Nicorette. It got here, eventually. The controller itself works exactly as one would hope & allows my case to run 2 fans without one of them sounding like it is preparing for a deck take-off from an aircraft carrier as I can dial down the voltage from the power supply & move air efficiently. CoolerGuys, please look into providing different shipping options so I can order your products & receive them in a more timely fashion. 5 stars for the controllers & 2 stars for the shipping.

    Great service and price.

    Works great and very quiet.

    Just what I needed...

    ....seems to be good quality & prompt service. My only complaint is I wish I had the ability to not use USPS for shipping as they are always delayed in delivery whereas FedEx or UPS is much more efficient. Thank for the adapter, can't wait for the voltage regulator to arrive...someday...

    Almost perfect

    The product was exactly what I wanted and the delivery was faster than expected. The only negative was that the 4 little rubber feet shown and listed as part of the kit were missing. I sent an email to the sales dept to inform them but never received any response. I'm still very satisfied with the product and with Cooler Guys as a company but, the missing parts and lack of response to my email cost them a 5th star in the rating. I would recommend this product and the Cooler Guys to anyone.

    cooling fan for stereo

    I ordered a 40 x40 x10 fan to replace the noisy one on a 15 year old stereo given to me by our son. I was sent the wrong one. THAT's OK! I'll be taking advantage of your nice return policy. The correct fan arrived today, maybe yesterday. I just finished installation and power-up. At first I couldn't hear it and thought, "Uh oh, I should have done a fast test". Looked in the back with a flashlight, it was spinning. That is one da_n quiet little fan. Now when I turn on my little stereo in my nanobrewery I'll think of two things: My son and you guys. Thank you so very much. Hey! Guess who I'm gonna call next time I need a fan?Mark Bentler

    I bought this mini fan for my desktop terrarium, it was the perfect size.
    Super quiet.
    It was very easy to create a bracket for it.


    Bought as replacement fan on a heatsink that wasn’t staying cool enough.
    No longer have that issue!