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    Rack Mount Cooling Fans | Shop at Coolerg

    Rack Mount Cooling Fans | Shop at Coolerg
    Our rack mount cooling solutions help keep your network, computer, or even A/V equipment from overheating.

    Important Features

    Our rack mount cooling solutions mount on standard 19-inch-wide racks. We have 1U, 2U, and 3U height solutions — all paired with high-quality dual ball bearing fans designed to last and deliver good airflow.
    If you need a quieter solution for your rack mount system, let us know, and we’ll direct you to a selection of lower speed, quiet fans. We also carry ultra high-speed fans for equipment and compartments that require exceptionally fast heat dispersal in areas where noise is of no concern. Don’t see a fan that fits your needs? Contact us and we can either help you find a different solution or even make a custom model made to your specifications.


     Rack Mount Cooling Fans

     Performance networking, computer, and A/V equipment tend to generate a lot of heat pretty quickly. If you want your equipment working like it should without overheating, it is recommended that you take a look at our rack mount cooling fans. These rack mount fans move plenty of air and they can be coupled with programmable LED controllers so you can get the temperatures you require.

    Exceptional Cooling

    Our selection of cooling systems provides options depending on your heat dispersal and noise level preferences. We have lower speed fans and medium speed fans which are great at cooling, but don’t generate as much noise.

    We also have extra fast cooling fans. These are high-speed fans that are built for extremely effecting cooling. These fans spin quickly, and generate noise, so make sure you are using them in an environment that doesn’t require quiet cooling fans.

    If you need separate components, we carry brackets with programmable fan controllers, and separate brackets with grills.

    Any Questions?

    All of our rack mount cooling fans feature high-quality components and features, all of our fans are dual ball bearing for long life. With quality in mind, our fans are designed and built to last. All our Coolerguys-branded systems come with a 3-year limited warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Do you have any questions about our products, or do you want to know more about installation? Don’t hesitate to give our customer support team a call, or send us an email with the contact link.