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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Good but need to be trimmed probably for your needs

    It's difficult to find fan gaskets of this thickness (they are 1.8mm) which is very thin and exactly what I was looking for. The material is made of what seem to me like sillicon, so very soft and spongy. That is absolutely perfect to prevent vibration between fans and either a shroud or chassis, which will in turn, help a lot for noise cancellation. That being said, most modern computer fans already have built in "anti-vibration pads" on their 4 corners which already does what this gasket is supposed to accomplish. What these built-in pads are NOT doing though is they are elevating the fan by about 1 to 2 mm which leads to an air gap on all four sides of the fan between your fan and case. I used these gaskets by cutting them with a pair of scissor to keep just the "sides" and removing the "corners" to fill in those gaps and sandwich those butchered parts in between the case and the fan. Screw in tightly your fans and these will be sandwiched in place and won't budge. The result? You now have zero air gap between the fan and case which creates a bit of a shroud tunnel that will improve and direct airflow. I wished that fans already had the entire fan perimeter built-in instead of just the 4 corners, but with this solution from coolerguys, I managed to optimize my wind tunnels for perfect airflow and noise cancellation. I probably could have used a sillicon or glue-gun around a normal fan to fill the gaps, but I felt this option was more elegant and easily replaceble in case of a failure. These come either in black or white (more of a transparent white) which was perfect for my need in building a black-build and a white-build computer project with ultimate airflow. Great job coolerguys!

    Joe M.
    Great products - Great Store

    Very soft rubber fan Gaskets that actually work. Other Fan Gaskets are made from harder rubber and vibrations pass on to the case. Not with these gaskets. If installed properly and not overtightened they work very well.

    Igor Matveev

    Fast and exactly what was ordered