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    AV Cabinet Cooling | Buy Quality at Coolerguys

    AV Cabinet Cooling | Buy Quality at Coolerguys

    Our deluxe kits are all designed using our Programmable LED Fan Controller.  We have a variety of brackets: Black acrylic, Powder Coated black metal, and light oak that can easily stained or painted to fit your decor.  The powder coated metal brackets can also be painted to match your wall or cabinet color.  All of our kits come with a three year warranty

    Title: AV Cabinet Cooling | Buy Quality at Coolerguys

    Meta: Our deluxe AV cabinet cooling systems with LED fan controllers are built for maximum cooling performance. Shop at our store and order your fan today!

    AV Cabinet Cooling

    If you’re running equipment that requires quiet and effective cooling solution, we have the AV cabinet cooling system for you. Our deluxe cabinet cooling kits are designed to cool small, medium and even larger AV cabinets.  They provide excellent quiet  thermal controlled cooling, and come with everything needed to easily install into your cabinet.  

    Powerful Cooling Products

    Coolerguys has all of the options you need to maximize your performance. Do you need a precise method for monitoring and controlling temperatures in your AV cabinet? Each of our deluxe kits features an advanced programmable LED fan controller that you can use to choose when the fans power on and off, depending on the temperature you require.   

    What type of solution do you require? Coolerguys stocks single fans and dual fans, and we offer combo kits as well in case you need additional cooling. Our fan kits feature brackets that come in black acrylic, black metal, and light wood, and the brackets can be stained or painted to match your cabinet.

    Have Questions?

    Coolerguys has been building cabinet cooling solutions since 2005, and we are very confident that our designs will serve your advanced cooling needs. We stand by our products and offer a limited 3-year warranty to ensure that everything works for you as it should. Check out our store and order your AV cabinet cooling system today.

    If you have any further questions about our products, or you’d like more information about installs, you can call us or email us and we’ll be happy to help you.