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    120mm PC & Case Fans

    120mm PC & Case Fans
    Our 120mm PC and case fans generate great airflow for the most demanding PC cooling applications. Our selection of 120mm fans makes it easy to find the correct one for your cooling needs.
    Perfect for work or home office setups, where a high-end PC cooling is critical to maintain peak computing speeds and avoid shutoffs from overheating. We have 120mm fans fans that are great for serious gamers, graphic artists, or film buffs who use a high-powered PC as their entertainment, or working platform.

    Easy Speed Control

    Our wide selection of 120mm computer fans come in a variety of speeds and noise levels. If none of the speeds provide the airflow you need, then take control by using one of our adjustable speed fans that let you change speed to match cooling needs. Customizations are also an option; we can create equipment that’s tailored to your unique cooling requirements.

    Get Your Equipment

    Your personal computer station is a significant investment. Our 120mm PC fans are an inexpensive solution for protecting your setup against accelerated wear and downtime that overheating can cause. So, order today direct from our website, or call us at 425-821-6400. We back all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!