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    AC 115V Cooling Fans

    AC 115V Cooling Fans
    Keep air flowing and protect your equipment from overheating with one of our many 115V AC cooling fans. Our wide selection of fans and power cords means you’ll find the perfect cooling option to keep the air moving.

    Many Sizes to Choose From

    We offer a wide range of sizes in our 115 Volt fans. We understand that air flow requirements differ as well as size requirements and we do our best to fit any project. With fan sizes from 60mm to 254mm, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect fan for your needs. We can special order any size that you need, but can't find on our website.

    Air Flow

    Our 115V AC cooling fans are available in low, medium, and high-speed options. This allows you to find the perfect airflow for your cooling needs.


    Don’t forget the power cord. Some of our 115 Volt fans come with included power supply cords, but others don’t. If your fan does not include a power supply cord, we make it easy for you to select one from our power cord section. In the power cord section you will see that we also offer manual speed controllers, as well as temperature sensitive cords that will turn our AC fan on/off at a pre-set temperature.

    Stay Cool

    At Coolerguys, we’ve been helping people keep their valuable electronic devices cool for over 20 years. Call or click today with any questions you have about our 115V AC cooling fans.