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When we founded Coolerguys in Washington in 1999, our goal was to help customers increase their PC’s performance by offering the best cooling options available. We understand that users have a broad range of requirements for their computer components, so we try to offer as many cooling, power supply, and connectivity options as we can. If you have AV technology or computer modification needs, there’s a pretty good chance we have a product for you.

Solutions for Your Needs

Coolerguys cooling fans are made with the highest standards in mind. We believe in the quality of our brand and offer replacement warranties on all of our parts. All of our Coolerguys fans can be used with our thermal controllers, these  allow our high performance fans to be on only when needed and are great for cooling AV cabinets.  In addition to the many single fan products that we offer, we have dual and triple fan options for your most demanding cooling needs.

Contact Us

At Coolerguys, our skilled team of experts are more than happy to offer product information and talk you through issues you may be facing with any of our computer components. Our phones are open during our daily business hours, which are 9AM to 4PM PST, Monday - Friday. If you live in the Washington area, our local phone number is 425-821-6400. For nationwide customers, please give us a call at our toll free number:  877-247-5095. Feel free to contact us about warranties or specifications on all of our Coolerguys cooling fans.

X2 Solar Blast Gaming Headset #X2-HS7502-USB One only!

X2 Solar Blast Gaming Headset #X2-HS7502-USB 

The SolarBlast gaming headset is designed with comfort, functionality and genuine gaming pleasure in mind. The SolarBlast is connected by a single USB connector.


Back in stock: Funnel 60 to 80mm Fan Adapter, Black

Back in stock: Funnel 60 to 80mm Fan Adapter, Black.


X2 MAGIC LANTERN (3 Pack) Remote LED Fans -12025S1L6-RGB-LED

X2 MAGIC LANTERN (3 Pack) Remote LED Fans -12025S1L6-RGB-LED


New Hard to find Delta 40x20mm 24V Fan EUB0424MD

New Hard to find Delta 40x20mm 24V Fan EUB0424MD and 
Mechatronics 80X25mm 24 Volt  High Speed #F8025E24B-FHR


Shop this Unique X2 Empire Case in Silver

X2 Empire Case Silver X2-S9021AL-CE/R-2U3 
The Empire is an aluminum ATX pc enclosure to build that powerful gaming tower.