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    Mechatronics Fans & Parts

    Mechatronics Fans & Parts

    Since 1985, The Mechatronics Fan Group has been a trusted manufacturer of AC and DC cooling fans and blowers. Mechatronics fans are ISO 9001-certified for quality assurance, and the company prides itself on flexible customer service. Utilized by a variety of companies and customers, Mechatronics fans are proven to be versatile and reliable thermal management solutions.

    Cooling Systems

    Coolerguys offer fans and blowers from Mechatronics, including standard square fans in a range of sizes. If you are looking for a fan with commercial applications, the 120mm blower fan is designed to perform in high intensity systems. For industrial needs where noise isn’t an issue, consider the 120 volt high speed AC fan, which features a unique circular design. Beyond standard fan options, our selection of Mechatronics fans includes their High-temperature rated fans their Backward Curved Impeller Fan which creates a strong airflow for optimal cooling, along with some high performance motorized impellers.

    Contact Us Today

    We always like to hear feedback from our customers based on their experiences with each of our trusted brands and products. If you’d like to know more about a specific fan, thermal management system, or any of our other AV or PC equipment, our team is always standing by to help. Our phones are open during our typical business hours, between 9 am and 4 pm pacific time, Monday through Friday. For those in the Washington area, our local phone can be reached at 425-821-6400. For those outside our local range, please call us our toll-free line:  877-247-5095.