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Computer Case Accessories

Whether you need a new mouse pad or keyboard cleaner, we have a wide range of computer and computer case accessories to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of PC case accessories. From lighting, to wiring kits, to replacement rubber feet—we have everything you’ll need to properly modify or accessorize your computer case so it’s unique to you.

Noise Dampening

Many computer cases need anti-vibration mounts and other materials to help combat noise generated by the internals. We offer a wide range of options to help dampen noise from fan grommets to case fillers and mats.

Power Supply Accessories

Computers require power, and power requires cords and other accessories. Whether you need a surge protector, replace a missing power cord or anything in between we have you covered. Our wide range of power supply accessories means whatever your power requirements, Coolerguys has the solution for you.

Laptop Cooling

Keep your laptop cool and efficient with our wide range of laptop cooling stands. We offer notebook cooling stands and pads in both passive and active options. Whatever you need to keep your laptop cool we can provide, whether it’s off the shelf or something custom made.

Cooler Guys Can Help

If you have a computer cooling need, we have the solution. Contact Coolerguys toll-free at 877-247-5095 or locally at 425-821-6400. Get in touch with us today for all your computer cooling accessories.