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    USB Cooling Fans

    USB Cooling Fans
    USB cooling fans offer a flexible, versatile way to put cooling right where you need it. If you’re looking for quiet cooling solutions that offer ease of use, efficiency, and simplicity then look through our collection of high-quality USB fans.

    Different Sizes

    Our USB fans are available in a wide range of sizes. We offer fans in 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 92mm, and 120mm. If you have a project that requires different specifications we can even custom build USB fans for you.

    Built Tough

    All of our USB fans utilize dual ball bearing design to ensure stress-free, long term use. They’re also designed to provide maximum airflow while running quietly. These tough, long-lasting fans will help you get the most out of your electronics.

    Great for Gaming

    USB cooling fans are great for gaming consoles. Because gaming consoles are packed in cramped multimedia cabinets, under monitors, or other poorly ventilated areas, they need some versatile cooling solutions to keep them running well. Even if you’re stacking your consoles between cable or satellite boxes, DVD or Blu-Ray players, amplifiers and receivers, we have the best USB fans to keep them from overheating.

    Our USB fans allow you to simply plug and cool. Most gaming consoles, cable boxes, and other modern electronics already come with a USB port, so they’re incredibly easy to power and place.

    Convenient Cooling

    Because USB ports are available on so many electronic devices and power plugs, USB cooling fans are a highly convenient cooling solution. You don’t need to buy additional equipment to use them, you can place them anywhere you need airflow. Simply place, plug, and start cooling.

    Thermal Control

    We also have a programmable LED temperature controller that can be used with our USB fans. With this controller you can set the temperature that you want the fans to turn on and off.