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    Grills, Filters, Mounts

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    Grills, Filters, Mounts

    Computer Fan Grills & Accessories

    Keeping your computer cool helps you maintain operating efficiency and maximize the life of your high-tech gear. Our wide selection of computer fan grills and accessories are designed not just to help cool your system but make it look how you want it to.

    Grills and Filters

    Fans keep computers running smoothly by keeping them cool. But all that moving air means dust and other particles can infiltrate your system. Our selection of fan grills and filters will minimize dust or just keep your fan and computer protected from any stray cables or fingers.


    Keep your fan running smoothly and quietly with the proper fan mounts and screws. Our wide selection of anti vibration mounts and rubber screws will keep your computer fan in place while mitigating disruptive noise and vibration.

    So Much More

    We know the functionality of your computer is important. That’s why we have such a wide selection of computer cooling fan accessories. We offer specialty grills, fan adapters, fan controllers, vibration damper gaskets, and a whole lot more. In short, if it will help your computer fan run more efficiently, we have it.

    Keeping You Cool

    At Coolerguys, our primary goal is to keep your computer cool. Our wide selection of fan grills and accessories will keep your computer running smoothly.  Do you have any questions about our fan grills or any of our other products? Call us at 425-821-6400 or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to cooling your computer!