Need to cool off your new receiver? What about your AVR or DVR that is stuck in your A/V cabinet?
We have a number of solutions to help!


We started our business in 1999 selling high end computer parts and specialized in high quality computer fans. 

In 2005 we took our experience in fans and developed a number of AV and Cabinet cooling solutions.  We have many options for any cooling need, whether it’s a small cabinet in your home, or a large cabinet or closet in your business we have an equipment cooling solution for you. 

We understand that most solutions are required to operate quietly, but some are required to move large amounts of air.  We can do both, but if you need quiet we guarantee quiet, and all of our parts come with a three-year warranty

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"how to video" from Sharon Vaknin at Cnet on how to install one of our kits.