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Professional grade AV cooling solutions.  These high-tech solutions are quiet, effective and built to last.  There are many options available to cool your cabinet, Home Theater, or AV closet.  We can also customize to fit your specific needs, and we have wholesale pricing.

All of our kits come with a three year warranty


 AV Cooling Fans

 If you are looking for the ultimate cooling system for your cabinet or media center, you’ve come to the right place. Our AV cooling fans feature high quality components and powerful designs to keep your cabinets at the perfect temperature, and they are very quiet. Now, you can use your audio/video systems without having to worry about a loud fan getting in the way. These fan units feature metal powder coated frames for superior longevity.

Your Premier Cooling Source

We carry a wide variety of Coolerguys-branded cooling units for you to choose from. We have single fans, USB-powered fans, dual fans, triple fans, typhoon fans, and programmable fans with LED indicators for increased temperature control. All of our AV cooling fans are perfect for cabinets and media, and many of our units are flexible in can be used in aquariums, brewing projects, and much more!

Our fans are built with high quality, locally-sourced components. The Coolerguys team has extensive experience working with cooling systems, and we’re passionate about delivering the best systems in the industry to our customers.   

Any Questions?

At Coolerguys, we’re confident that you’re going to love our cooling systems, and we offer a 3-year warranty to ensure that they work exactly how you want them to. We’re also passionate about our customer service, and we work hard to ship out your orders fast so you can get them installed! Shop our store and order your AV cooling fans today!

If you have any questions about our products, or if you need helping ordering a cooling system, our customer service team is here to help. Just give us a call at 425-821-6400, or you can email us through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Now Available Noctua 140mm Redux 1500 PWM Fan NF-P14s

Noctua 140x140x25mm Redux 1500 PWM Fan NF-P14s

Proven NF-P14 design
Square 140mm frame
Pressure-optimized Nine-Blade Design
Vortex-Control Notches
Custom-designed PWM IC with SCD
Colour-customisable with NA-SAVP1 anti-vibration pads
6-year manufacturer’s warranty


New Stock! Dynatron CPU Cooler P985

Dynatron CPU Cooler P985 92mm Fan with PWM function. Aluminum radial fin heatsink with copper insert.  3U&UP Application

Dimensions: 106x106x72.6mm

Material: Aluminum Extruded Radial Heatsink with Copper Core


New Stock! Enermax DF 120x120x25mm 12v Blue LED Adjustable Speed Fan

Enermax DF 120x120x25mm 12v Blue LED Adjustable Speed Fan


Back in Stock: Lian Li USB Type C-Gen 2 IO ports Cable

Lian Li USB Type C-Gen 2 IO ports Cable # PW-ICO1NH45


Back on Stocks: Lian Li Power Supply Mounting Bracket

Lian Li Power Supply Mounting Bracket PE-03A