To keep your computer looking unique or to add features currently unavailable come check out our wide range of hardware accessories.

Case Screws

Swap out your standard case screws with ones that require no tools or just to match whatever color theme you’re going for with our thumb screws. Also make sure your fans and other components remain secure, we have many options when it comes to fan and hard drive screws.

Drive Docs and Enclosures

Need to mount a new hard drive and don’t have space inside of your case or need to adapt to the correct size? Checkout our large supply of SATA, USB, and IDE enclosures as well as our 2.5”, 3.5”, and 5.25” drive bay adapters in several colors and styles.

Power Supplies

Without proper power, your computer, fans or lights are worthless, checkout our wide range of external power supplies that adapt a 110 or 240v signal into something you can use like 12v, 5v or both! We also have a selection of replacement internal ATX supplies available for you to choose from.

Mouse and Keyboard Supplies

Even the most high-tech computer requires a keyboard and a mouse to work. We’ve got many styles and sizes when it comes to mousepads including stain resistant cloth and metal. Rather than replace your mouse when it doesn’t seem to glide as smoothly before makes sure to look at our huge selection or replacement mouse feet (skatez)

Coolerguys has It

Whether you need a new computer fan, something to cool your home entertainment center or anything in between make sure to choose Coolerguys . Call us toll-free at 877-247-5095, locally at 425-821-6400, or email us today to discuss your cooling or modding needs.

New Hard to find Delta 40x20mm 24V Fan EUB0424MD

New Hard to find Delta 40x20mm 24V Fan EUB0424MD and 
Mechatronics 80X25mm 24 Volt  High Speed #F8025E24B-FHR


Shop this Unique X2 Empire Case in Silver

X2 Empire Case Silver X2-S9021AL-CE/R-2U3 
The Empire is an aluminum ATX pc enclosure to build that powerful gaming tower.


Coolerguys New Noctua Computer Cooling Fans

New Noctua Fans


Coolerguys Now Selling New Silenx Computer Cooling Fans

Silenx Ixtrema Pro Quiet Fans 
120 mm and 40mm 


Back in Stock: Lian Li Accessories

Our Lian Li shipment just arrived and loads of Accessories are back in stock here read more to see a full list of what came back into stock.