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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews

    Everything was what I want

    Not what they used to be.

    Had used many of their multiple speed fans which I loved. (Van build) Was told they discontinued them, and to buy these one speed fans with choice of speed. I bought a set of four at high speed. That means I had to buy an additional speed controller to have variable speed—no individual control for each fan unless I ran four separate circuits. First two seconds of turning the fan to determine air flow direction, the fan fell over and broke two blades. Called to order another one. When it didn't arrive I discovered the email which I thought was an order confirmation was an invoice, I could go to the web to pay for. My bad didn't read e-mail carefully. Why did I call in my order?
    Once put into use, barely touched one fan, broke off another blade. I intermittently bump the blades on the variable speed fans, never lost a blade. These seem extremely brittle and fragile. Not sure if it's a bad batch, or the new cheezy.

    Bring back the fans with multi speed switch, please...

    Joseph DeVecchio
    Pin Fans w/ Multiple Speeds

    I recently needed to replace the last set of fans I purchased from CGs 10 years ago. The old set of fans operated 24/7 for 10 years and ran smoothly and quietly the whole time. I selected the Pin Fans w/ Multiple Speed choices to go along with the pre-set thermostat controller that I also purchased. These fans work just as smoothly, quietly and produce amble air movement to cooler the equipment in my entertainment system using the medium speed selection.

    Fin Fans for Norcold RV Fridge

    Used two of the low speed versions on the fridge fins in a Norcold RV fridge, with alligator clips in the mounting holes.
    Low 12v power draw, move plenty of air, and are very quiet.

    Jon Allen
    Great performance and quiet

    I am using this for cooling a self built solar generator. I have two stackable tool chests with wheels, and have two 12V batteries, AC charger, solar charge controller and a 1500W pure sine wave inverter installed in these chests. All of these components generate heat when in operation. This fan, in conjunction with two other fans I bought from Cooler Guys, are working flawlessly. They move lots of air, and they do it quietly. Cooler Guys also sells a fan controller that brings it all together.

    I am super happy with the performance and quiet operation of this fan. Unfortunately I cannot take advantage of the speed control. It is still a great value for the price and I give it 5 stars.