Keep your home theater cabinet cool with one of our cabinet cooling fan kits that come equipped with everything you need to mount and power a cooling fan in your multimedia cabinet. Don’t let overheating impact the performance of your valuable electronics. Keep them cool and efficient with a cabinet cooling kit from CoolerGuys.

Our Complete Cabinet Cooling Fan Kits



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Many Sizes to Choose From

We offer a wide range of cabinet cooling fans for you to choose from. With options like single, dual, or triple fans in multiple sizes and finishes, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your airflow needs.

Get the Most from Your Gear

Our cabinet cooling fan kits help you get the most from your gear. Gaming consoles, video players, cable boxes, and other electronics generate heat when they are used. Our fan kits allow you to maximize efficiency and extend the life of your electronics by keeping them running at recommended temperatures.

Get Control

Many of our cooling kits come with thermal control. This means that you get to control the temperature within your multimedia cabinet. A cabinet cooling kit with temperature control allows you to maximize cooling without having to continuously run a fan. We have a pre-set controller that will turn our fans on/off at 88/81 degrees. We also offer an programmable controller with LED display. This controller allows you to set your desired on/off temperature.

Get What You Need

If you’re building a new cabinet or simply need to upgrade your temperature control for an existing cabinet we can help. We offer a customizable cooling kit that allows you to choose the fan, finish, power supply, and control option that best suits your needs.

Don’t put your valuable gear at risk. Protect and get the most from it with one of our cabinet cooling fan kits.

Back in stock: Funnel 60 to 80mm Fan Adapter, Black

Back in stock: Funnel 60 to 80mm Fan Adapter, Black.


X2 MAGIC LANTERN (3 Pack) Remote LED Fans -12025S1L6-RGB-LED

X2 MAGIC LANTERN (3 Pack) Remote LED Fans -12025S1L6-RGB-LED


New Hard to find Delta 40x20mm 24V Fan EUB0424MD

New Hard to find Delta 40x20mm 24V Fan EUB0424MD and 
Mechatronics 80X25mm 24 Volt  High Speed #F8025E24B-FHR


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