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    Acrylic Bracket Cooling Kits | Shop at Coolerguys

    Acrylic Bracket Cooling Kits | Shop at Coolerguys

    Coolerguys original cabinet and AV cooling kits.  These kits are made with durable acrylic plastic brackets that are light weight and look good.  Most of the kits come with our standard pre-set thermal controller or you can upgrade to our LED programmable controller.  Check out our cabinet cooling FAQ.  All of our kits are designed to quietly cool you entertainment cabinet.  If you need additional help contact us  Your satisfaction is important to us and all of our kits and parts come with a three year warranty .  If you need a high tech look check out our Pro-metal series


    Acrylic Bracket Cooling Kits

     When you build a custom cabinet or multimedia center, it’s essential to have the proper ventilation and cooling. Our acrylic bracket cooling kits are the perfect solution for your project. Ultra quiet and efficient, these cooling kits will provide the cooling you need. The fans are very quiet so you can watch movies and play arcade games without distracting fan noise. Perfect for any noise sensitive location.

    Quality Cooling

    Our cooling systems are available as completely finished kits or sold in kits that are easy to assemble. WIth single, dual, and triple fan options, our cooling fans provide you with plenty of configurations to choose from, based on your specific needs or system.

    Our fans work as self-contained units which can be inserted right into your cabinet or media center after you’ve cut the proper holes. Fans can blow into or out of a unit, depending on what you are doing. Many of our units even feature LED displays which show the ambient temperature of you cabinet and you can program the on/off temperature for the fans.

    Any Questions?

    Our acrylic bracket cooling kits are specifically built to deliver optimal performance while remaining as quiet as possible. We stand by the quality of our products, and offer 3-year warranties to ensure your satisfaction. Browse our selection and order the Cooling kit you need today.

    If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to call us! You can call our customer service team at 425-821-6400 or send us an email through our contact link, and we’ll be happy to get you what you need!