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    DC 24 Volt Fans

    DC 24 Volt Fans
    Our DC 24 volt fans offer high-capacity cooling for individual hardware units that generate high heat: cabinets of rack mount systems, solar/industrial systems, and closets of A/V equipment that can heat up fast when the silver screen shines.
    If you came to look specifically at one of our 24 volt models, you probably know what you’ll be needing it for. However, a lot depends on the equipment you're using it in; some require models with an RPM sensor and some require fans with a locked rotor alarm, and we have both. So, please contact us to clarify any specifications you have.

    Selecting Your Fan

    We carry 24 volt fans in a number of different sizes and airflow. We have 40mm, 60mm. 80mm 92mm, 120mm,127mm up to 140mm.

    Our 24 volt fans anticipate your needs by including options commonly required in fans for hardware cooling, including rigid fan housing, ball bearing options, easy-to-identify wires with flexible coating, and different blade contours for optimizing airflow. If you need a feature you don’t see, send us request we can usually find it or have it custom made.

    Get Your Equipment

    Controlling the temperature of your hardware is crucial for optimizing performance now and down the line. We offer powerful 24 volt fans for high-capacity cooling. Order today from the convenience of our website, or call us at 425-821-6400. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!