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    DC 5 Volt Fans

    DC 5 Volt Fans
    We offer a large selection of 5 volt fans, with many different sizes and airflows. We also have the hard to find 3 pin connector, and we have a large variety of 5 volt fans with USB connectors. Whatever your need is in 5 volt fans we probably have it or can readily get it for you.

    Selecting Your Fan

    We carry a large selection of 5 volt fans, from 40mm up to 120mm in size. We carry 5 volt fans from Noctua, Evercool, and our own Coolerguys brand.

    Our fans have specifications, special features, and unique accessories for different installation needs. Read the product description carefully and contact us for clarification if necessary. We help beginning installers work like pros, and we can help with special projects.

    Get Your Equipment

    Our DC 5 volt fans are a small investment, but your hardware isn’t. The few dollars invested in a fan can pay off big by supporting the functionality, reliability, and lifespan of your equipment. Order direct from our website or call us at 425-821-6400 to experience our commitment to great products and service!