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    Spire Products & CPU Coolers

    Spire Products & CPU Coolers

    Since 1998, Spire products have been trusted for thermal solutions, power supplies, and PC enclosures. This brand is based in The Netherlands with facilities in China, Brazil, and Japan. Spire understands that as computer processors are pushing harder, cooling systems must innovate in order to stay ahead. As a company proud to consistently be at the forefront of new solutions, Spire has been a trusted and well-respected brand for many years, and they intend to maintain that status by producing devices made with the highest quality in mind.  

    Top-Quality Products

    At Coolerguys, we’re proud to offer many Spire products, such as PowerCube cases, which feature durable steel chassis. For those who frequently work on the go, a Spire power bank 4000 battery charger and Odyssey 342 laptop cooler, complete with 2 USB ports, are the perfect way to round out your mobile suite.

    Spire CPU coolers are made to last and are designed to give high performance with minimal costs. We also carry fans and other Spire products such as a noise reduction mat, heat sink compounds, and wrist pads for improved comfort.

    Contact Us Today

    We always like to hear feedback from our customers. So, if you’d like help with installation,  technical support, or if you’d like to know more about any of our other brands or products, we’re always on-hand to help during business hours, from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. We can be reached by phone locally at 425-821-6400 or through our toll-free line: 877-247-5095.

    Check out our selection of Spire products, CPU coolers, and more today!