Back in Stock: Lian Li Accessories

Updated 2016/08/17
Some items have already sold out, we hope to have more of them within the next 4-6 weeks, we will make a new post once available.

Updated 2016/08/08
Our Lian Li shipment just arrived and the following items are back in stock!

Lian Li USB 3.0 Multimedia I/O Ports Upgrade Kit PW-IN20AV65T0 / 840353005334
Lian Li Power reset Button Kit Model PT-SK05B Black / 840556096726
Lian Li Hot Swap back plane # BP3SATA /  840556103509
Lian Li Front Bezel Multi Media port # BZ-U02U3B  Black / 840556088516
Lian Li CR-26U3B Black Card Reader / 840556101499
Lian Li Hard drive Anti Vibration Mounting Kit #OH-01B / 840556103912
Lian Li USB3 Multi I/O ports Cable Kit # PW-IS20AH55ATO / 840556098966
Lian Li BZ-U08 Black USB 3.0 Front Panel with Reset Button / 840556101505
Lian Li USB3.0 x 2 / IEEE 1394x 1 / HD Audio (MIC / EAR) cable kit # PW-IE20AH51T0 / 840556103004
Lian Li Hot Swap back plane # BP1SATA / 840556103493
Lian Li Plastic kit for front panel # PT-JT01 / 840556096702
Lian Li Anti Vibration Fan Mounting Kit Black  #OF-01B / 840556095576
Lian Li Riser Card Extended version 380MM long PW-PCI-E38-1 / 840556103653

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New Hard to find Delta 40x20mm 24V Fan EUB0424MD

New Hard to find Delta 40x20mm 24V Fan EUB0424MD and 
Mechatronics 80X25mm 24 Volt  High Speed #F8025E24B-FHR


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New Product: Evercool Dual 5.25 in. Drive Bay to Triple 3.5 in. HDD Cooling Box #EC-HD-AR-B

Need more room to fit more drives or need them cooled? How about both?
Model: EC-HD-AR-B


Back in Stock

Lian Li USB3.0 (20pin-plug) Multi-Media I/O Ports Cable Kit PW-IE20AH51T0


X2 SIRYUS Case Silver X2-C6025R-CE/R/W-2U3

X2 SIRYUS Case Silver X2-C6025R-CE/R/W-2U3
The SIRYUS chassis is the next level craftsmanship that will raise the design and quality levels in the market.